Elice & Eustachio

Elice&Eustachio is an educational game which focuses on the composition of synthetic sounds (Elice) and on the exploration of sound environment (Eustachio), a versatile game that allows children to explore the world around them and the sound environment in which they live in a completely different way, becoming the true protagonists of the creative process.

Thanks to Elice&Eustachio children are free to create and find the sounds to use for their games: ranging from the sounds of nature to those of the city, from the sounds of liquids to those of the voice…there is no limit to the imagination!

The whole game is divided into three different categories, closely interconnected: the control station, the material interfaces and the digital interfaces.

  • The control station represents the element shared by the two parts of the game. This is the main brain of the whole game and the shape resembles a radio, as his main work is to spread the sound and to store it and save it.
  • The second elements of the game are the material interfaces: the microphones (Eustachio) and the modifiers (Elice). The microphones allow the children to explore the sound environment and his spatial composition, the modifiers can be used to create synthetic sounds and manipulate it through their main properties. The microphones are divided into 3 more categories, to give children a wider choice of play and imagination: the classic microphone, the underwater microphone and the contact microphone. The speaker and the different microphones allow the child to make a real field research, actively exploring the many ways in which sounds are manifested in a sound environment. The underlying principle of the modifiers is similar to a deconstructed synthesizer. Through simple movements children can change sound waves and compose new kinds of sounds. Modifiers are of four types: the Waveform Modifier, the Duration Modifier, the Intensity Modifier and the Pitch Modifier.
  • By the last element of the kit, the digital interface, children will have the opportunity to further modify their sounds by using an App for tablets and smartphones. The game, in this way, is further enriched by an App that lets you manage the sounds created by children thanks to a digital interface designed to offer additional modality of play and exploration. The App is divided into two game modes: the Spatial Distribution mode (Eustachio) and the Composition mode (Elice).

Designed With:

Gilda Negrini

Technical Support:

Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto


ADI Design IndexDomus


Honorable Mention, ADI Design Index 2015 “Targa Giovani” Award,
XXIV Compasso d’Oro ADI