MusicInk is an educational game designed for children in an age range between 4 and 7 years. The idea behind the project is to enable an innovative approach to music, not only allowing children to draw and color properties of the sound, but to turn them into real melodies.

MusicInk is the result of a careful study of the tecncologies emerging the market today, and the different materials that make possible solutions until recently unthinkable. Its main features are the use of Arduino microprocessor and a special conductive and non-toxic ink (™Bare Conductive).

Starting from these two components, we were able to create an interesting and innovative combination between analogue and digital part, replacing the classical music- learning methods with a new customizable and interactive experience.

Sound properties that are addressed are: pitch, intensity, duration, timbre and do scale. For each of these properties we have provided graphic symbols and color combination that will help the child to memorize the peculiarities and differences. Furthermore, we have assigned each design a recognizable sound of a musical instrument.

MusicInk works in fact thanks to an application for Android smartphones and tablets. The game is based on the use of a particular electrically conductive and non-toxic paint with which the children will realize drawings representing the different properties of sound.

The drawings will be subsequently connected to an electronic circuit based on the system of Arduino that will allow pictures to become real sensor of capacitive proximity. Signals picked up by the sensors will be sent via Bluetooth to the application, which will transform them into the sound of a musical instrument.

MusicInk can transform their designs into real music: simply touching the paper the children have the feeling of playing the musical instrument that they have just drawn.

And like magic, the drawing comes to life.

Designed With:

Gilda Negrini

Technical Support:

Manh Luong Bui


Vimeo, Occupy DeeJay.


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