Sel Gemme

During the Milan Design Week 2016, Subalterno1 Gallery, in collaboration with The Fablab and Tecnificio, presented Microfacts, a new exhibition curated by Stefano Maffei. A collective of 15 italian design studios explores likewise micro-artifacts, each one designed to fit an imaginary cube of 6x6x6 cm.

Sel Gemme is the result of a reasoning on the micro/macro juxtaposition of an element that is daily used in kitchens around the world in a seemingly invisible way: the salt.

Micro in size but macro in terms of use and dissemination, for once the salt is manifested for its aesthetic and crystalline qualities becoming a functional object.

Sel Gemme is a small measuring set for spaghetti, made by different colored salts. A challenging artefact that experiments with materials, using a common ingredient in an unexpected way. Tiny dimensions and new aesthetics for a mainly functional object.